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Services by Dragonfly Team and Leadership 

lead happy, work happy

Leadership and executive development

I utilize the Transformational Leadership modality, alongside an eclectic blending of other relevant schools of leadership thought, to help those at the helm reach their apex of potential. Leadership is as much about personality and psychology as it is about training, so I incorporate in-depth psychological, social exchange, and personality assessments into all the trainings I provide. It’s not therapy, it’s not leadership training, it’s leadership therapy and it’s how we make the most out of your valuable time and investment.

Women's leadership retreat

Join me and other women leaders for a weekend of fun, self-exploration, bonding, friendship, and empowerment. You will learn the elements of individual and group psychology, personality, team-building, and the unique pathway of leadership that women follow, all through experientiall learning methods.  You will learn how to move with power and confidence, enabling you lean into your best, most successful self.

Martial arts-based team building

Get ready to do something explosive, fun, and challenging that will quickly reveal deep levels of personality and relationships. Don’t worry, it’s all done in a very physically and emotionally safe fashion, so everyone learns what their strengths are and how they can support one another better. The focus is always positive and gentle, but your group will leave having gained vital revelations and insights. The horizons of personal and social growth will be explored from the thermodynamic psychology perspective that is unique to Dragonfly.  Your team will emerge from this training more equipped to improve relationship interactions, maximize the power of self and others, with a healthy dose of kick-ass to boot!

Troubleshooting sessions

If your organization is struggling with issues of high turnover, disconnected teams, counterproductive work behavior, or stagnation, it’s time to stop trying harder and try different. I will work to uncover the source of the issues, whether they are social, psychological, or an outgrowth of organizational culture misalignment, and we can make a plan for recalibration. Most often, the “problems” we see are in fact the outcome of the problem. Save your business time, money, and frustration by getting at the real root of the trouble. This way, not only do the symptoms of the problems dissolve, but your team can strengthen along fault lines and emerged more galvanized than ever.

Keynote presentations

I have extensive training and education in leadership and team dynamics from all angles of organizational systems. I prefer to interface those academic issues with a foundation of psychology and sociological perspectives to provide a more meaningful and engaging presentation. Whenever possible, I try to make my seminars interactive and involving experiential elements, because that way of learning is more fun and impactful.

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