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Our philosophy

Leadership and teaming involve much more than consuming information. Deep learning happens when we experience things first hand, so the wisdom doesn't stay in your head, it goes through your heart and into your actions. It changes how you move energy inside of yourself, and how you exchange energy with other people. These changes are contagious to relationships, and they help the whole system grow.

That's philosophy, now let's look at numbers. Research indicates that productivity and purpose start with leadership and end with the team. 

  • Engaged organizations and business units have 70% fewer safety incidents

  • Millenials prioritize “people and culture fit” above everything else

  • Effective communication generates 4.5 times higher talent retention

  • 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration as causing workplace failures

  • 45% of employees said lack of trust in leadership is the biggest issue affecting their work performance

Employee performance depends heavily on the organizational culture that is maintained, and the teaming dynamics of the workplace. Getting great results from your people takes concerted effort, attention, and commitment from the top down, but the rewards are huge. Employees feel important, cared for, and valued when you help them get to know one another, and build cohesiveness for a happier and more efficient work experience. This investment will pay off for your customers, the communities you serve, your employees, and your leaders, so call today!


Dr. Brett McDonald

Meaningful progress happens through meaningful partnerships, and I'm a good person to have in your corner for that.

I have a very unique blending of skills, experience, and training

  • M.S. counseling psychology with 17 years of therapy practice

  • Co-founder of The Dragonfly Retreat, an inpatient somatic experiential group program using martial arts

  • Black Belt Extreme Defensive Tactics (for team building retreats)

  • Doctorate of Business Administration with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership

  • Creator of the Thermodynamic Psychological system for individuals and organizations

  • My #1 goal is forming and maintaining great client relationships


Mr. Kyle Lesmeister

Head martial arts retreat instructor Kyle Lesmeister has spent most of his life practicing various forms of martial arts. Kyle and Brett began training martial arts together under their Sifu, Joseph Simonet, when Kyle was just 11 years old. Kyle served as the head instructor for KI Fighting Concepts, and now, he and Brett work together to provide a truly dynamic and unique experiential learning program for dentistry and small clinical groups. Kyle has a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, Filipino martial arts, Wing-Chun Kung Fu, and Pentjak Silat. 


"Brett has an amazing ability to challenge and equip leaders to get the best of them. She listens, cares, and equips. Brett is an absolutely amazing leadership consultant and an even better person."  

-Dallas Stringer, Lifeway Fellowship Baptist Church, Amarillo, TX


"Brett and her team recently had our staff for a two-day excursion to Leavenworth, WA where we learned how to better perform as a team through the practice of martial arts. The experience was fun, informative, and a powerful motivator for my whole team. Brett finds a way to connect with you on a level

that inspires confidence in yourself and helps motivate you to change small things in your life. I would recommend meeting with Dragonfly Team to see how they can help your business take the next step."

-Anderton Family Dental, Wenatchee, WA

Brett worked with our Board on a program that emphasized team building, trust, and communication.  She designed and led a full-day retreat that was positive, constructive, and  -- best of all -- fun.  I cannot recommend Brett highly enough.  She is professional, insightful, and incredibly effective.

-Lee Lewis, President, Chelan-Douglas CASA, Wenatchee, WA

Our organization's board members desired to build a stronger and more vibrant community around our shared sense of purpose. We engaged Brett to take a look at our board set up and conduct. 

Brett's approach was fresh, unique and different enough from some of the other consultants we had looked at.  Our experience with Brett began when she met with key individuals, conducted interviews and 360 assessments, a personality/teaming survey, then a full day retreat style meeting. Brett infused energy giving activities and created psychological safety. Post retreat she met with leadership to review feedback and a plan forward. Board members expressed that the experience and investment was well worth it!

-Lisa Melvin, Executive Director, Chelan-Douglas CASA 


(509) 679-4556

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